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Academic Positions

Postdoctoral Researcher, Swedish Institute for Social Research
Postdoctoral Researcher, Swedish House of Finance



Ph.D. in Economics, Stockholm School of Economics

Thesis title: “Education & Replication”. Supervisor: Tore Ellingsen. 105 ECTS coursework.

Research Intern, Sveriges Riksbank (2017)

Visiting Researcher, Department of Economics, Harvard University (2016–2017)

Visiting Ph.D. Student, Stanford University (2015)

M.Sc. in Economics, Stockholm School of Economics, M.Sc.–Ph.D. parallel enrollment
B.Sc. in Business & Economics, Stockholm School of Economics


Camerer, Colin F. et al. 2018. “Evaluating the Replicability of Social Science Experiments in Nature and Science Between 2010 and 2015.” Nature Human Behaviour 2 (9): 637–44. 10.1038/s41562-018-0399-z.
Camerer, Colin F. et al. 2016. “Evaluating Replicability of Laboratory Experiments in Economics.” Science. American Association for the Advancement of Science. 10.1126/science.aaf0918.
Munafo, Marcus R. et al. 2015. “Using Prediction Markets to Forecast Research Evaluations.” Royal Society Open Science 2 (10). The Royal Society. 10.1098/rsos.150287.

Work In Progress

“Sibling Influence on College Choice”

“Relative Returns to Swedish College Fields”

“Predicting Replication” with Colin Camerer et. al.


Professor Tore Ellingsen

Supervisor • [email protected] • +46 8 736 92 60

Professor Magnus Johannesson

Secondary Supervisor • [email protected] • +46 8 736 94 43

Professor Colin F. Camerer

Co-author • [email protected] • +1 (626) 395-4054

Awards and Grants

Thulestiftelsen Postdoctoral Scholarship
Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Research Grant
Tom Hedelius Scholarship for Studies Abroad
SASSE Scholarship

Presentations and Workshops

IFAU (Uppsala, Sweden), SOFI (Stockholm, Sweden), Micro Wave (IIES, Stockholm, Sweden), UCSD Spring School (San Diego, CA), Early Career Behavioral Economists’ Conference (Bergen, Norway), Russel Sage Foundation Summer Institute in Behavioral Economics (Waterville Valley, NH)
Harvard Behavioral Lunch (Cambridge, MA), briq Summer School (Bonn, Germany), SSE Human Capital Workshop (Stockholm, Sweden), SUDSWEC (Stockholm University, Sweden)
NHH Choice Lab Workshop (Bergen, Norway), Harvard ECON-CS (Cambridge, MA), BITSS Annual Meeting (Berkeley, CA)

Teaching Experience

2014, 2015

Math Summer Camp, Ph.D. level

Week-long preparatory math course for arriving Ph.D. students in Economics and Finance. Average score 4.5/5.

2014, 2015

Teaching Assistant: Mathematics I, Ph.D. level

Teaching Assistant for Professor Jörgen Weibull in an introductory Mathematics class for Ph.D. students in Economics and Finance. Real analysis, topology, optimization and set theory. Average score 4.5/5.


Teaching Assistant: Microeconomics, B.Sc. level

Teaching Assistant for Professor Richard Friberg in introductory undergraduate Microeconomics.

Referee Service

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, Scandinavian Journal of Economics

Non-academic Qualifications


Founder and Member of the Board, Musethica Sweden

Musethica is an international nonprofit organization that promotes a new approach to teaching classical music, integrating a very large number of concerts into the education program of young excellent artists. The students perform in different social institutions, like kindergartens, prisons and immigrant housing. With funding from Postkodlotteriet we launched Musethica Sweden in 2016.


Member of the Board, SSE Alumni Association

The SSE alumni association has over 3 000 members, maintains a mentorship program and organizes activities such as inspirational lectures and homecoming parties.


Summer Associate, JKL

Public Affairs consultant, working with communication strategy for customers such as the Swedish Riksbank. JKL is one of the most esteemed Swedish consultancies in strategic communication.


Business Development Analyst Intern, Spotify

Business development analyst, 1 of 15 admitted from over 1500 applicants.

Intern, Prime PR

Vice President, Student Association at SSE

Elected by the students at SSE. SASSE is the most active Student Association in Scandinavia with 2000 members, a turnover of 15MSEK, and about 300 active students in 30–50 different projects. Responsible for running operations.

Skills and Interests

Spoken Languages

Swedish (native), English (fluent), French (good), Polish (good)

Computer Skills

Advanced user of PC, Mac, MS-Office, STATA, Matlab, Adobe-suite. Programming in R, Python, SQL, LaTeX. Web Design with HTML, CSS, SASS, Twitter Bootstrap.


Playing the piano, music, cinema (especially asian and russian), contemporary art and politics