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Curriculum Vitae

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2013–2018 (expected)

Ph.D in Economics, Stockholm School of Economics

Supervisor: Tore Ellingsen. 105 ECTS coursework.

Research Intern, Sveriges Riksbank, Fall 2017

Visiting Fellow, Department of Economics at Harvard (2016/2017), invited by Prof. David Laibson.

Visiting Graduate Student, Stanford University Department of Statistics (summer 2015).

M.Sc in Economics, Stockholm School of Economics, MSc-PhD parallel enrollment.
B.Sc in Business & Economics, Stockholm School of Economics


Camerer, Colin F. et al. 2016. “Evaluating Replicability of Laboratory Experiments in Economics.” Science. American Association for the Advancement of Science. doi:10.1126/science.aaf0918.
Munafo, Marcus R. et al. 2015. “Using Prediction Markets to Forecast Research Evaluations.” Royal Society Open Science 2 (10). The Royal Society. doi:10.1098/rsos.150287.

Current projects

Sibling Spill-overs and Education Choice

Considering its immense, life changing consequences, our choice of university education often seems ill-informed. I estimate how siblings influence and inspire each others in their choices, using a unique Swedish data set where identification comes from tie breaking lotteries. I also use this data set to study economic returns to fields of study and how education influences investment and savings decisions. To avoid data-mining pitfalls, the study was pre-registered.

Predicting Replication

I use machine learning to estimate a model that is more accurate than a prediction market at forecasting replication success of lab experiments. While statistical properties of the original paper such as its p-value explain most of the variation, certain experimental design features are also influential. The model could be used as a cheap tool to aid researchers in evaluating the necessity of running replications ex ante.

Social Sciences Replication Project

We replicate 21 experimental studies in the social sciences published in Nature and Science in 2010-2015. As in our previous studies, we also run prediction markets to elicit peer beliefs.

Homophily and Information Avoidance

There is a vast literature in Psychology and Economics about how we learn selectively, searching for ways to confirm our priors and biases. Using economic theory and an experiment, I aim to study how this type of motivated reasoning affects network formation; who we choose to follow and be friends with.


Professor Tore Ellingsen

Supervisor • [email protected] • +46-8-736 92 60

Professor Magnus Johannesson

Secondary Supervisor • [email protected] • +46 8 736 94 43

Professor Colin F. Camerer

Co-Author • [email protected] • +1 (626 395-4054)



Hedelius Research Fellowship

Awarded SEK 642 000 financing for a visiting scholar position at Harvard University.


SASSE Scholarship

Awarded SEK 85 000 from the Student Association at SSE for visiting Stanford University.

Presentations, Conferences, and Workshops

Micro Wave (IIES, Stockholm, Sweden), UCSD Spring School (San Diego, CA), ENTER Jamboree (Université de Toulouse, France)
Harvard Behavioral Lunch (Cambridge, MA), briq Summer School (Bonn, Germany), SSE Human Capital Workshop (Stockholm, Sweden), SUDSWEC (Stockholm University, Sweden)
NHH Choice Lab Workshop (Bergen, Norway), Harvard ECON-CS (Cambridge, MA), BITSS Annual Meeting (Berkeley, CA)

Teaching Experience

2014, 2015

Math Summer Camp, PhD

Week-long preparatory math course for arriving PhD students in Economics and Finance.

2014, 2015

Teaching Assistant: Mathematics I, PhD

Teaching Assistant for Professor Jörgen Weibull in an introductory Mathematics for PhD. students in Economics and Finance. Real analysis, topology, optimization and set theory.


Teaching Assistant: Microeconomics, BSc

Teaching Assistant for Professor Richard Friberg in introductory undergraduate Microeconomics.

Other Qualifications


Member of the board, Musethica Sweden

Musethica is an international nonprofit organization that promotes a new approach in teaching classical music performance, integrating a very large number of concerts in to the education program of young excellent artists. The students perform in different social institutions, like kindergartens, prisons and immigrant housing. With funding from Postkodlotteriet we launched Musethica Sweden in 2016.


Member of the board, SSE Alumni Association

The SSE alumni association has over 3 000 members, maintains a mentorship program and organizes activities such as inspirational lectures and homecoming parties.

Non-academic Work Experience


Summer Associate, JKL

Summer internship as a consultant in Public Affairs, working with communication strategy for customers such as the Swedish Riksbank. JKL is one of the most esteemed Swedish consultancies in strategic communication.


Business Development Analyst Intern, Spotify

Internship as an analyst in business development, 1 of 15 admitted from over 1500 applicants. Greatly improved infrastructure for partnership KPI analysis. Employed as part-time Analyst during 2012–2013.

Intern, Prime PR

Vice President, Student Association at SSE

Elected by the students at SSE for a full-time position with a one year mandate as Vice President of SASSE, the most active Student Association in Scandinavia, with 2000 members and a yearly turnover of 15MSEK. Responsible for all running operations in the Student Association, with about 300 active students in 30–50 different projects and associations.

Skills and Interests

Spoken Languages

Swedish (native), English (fluent), French (good), Polish (good)

Computer Skills

Advanced user of PC, Mac, MS-Office, STATA, Matlab, Adobe-suite. Programming in R, Python, SQL, LaTeX. Web Design with HTML, CSS, SASS, Twitter Bootstrap.


Playing the piano, music, cinema (especially asian and russian), contemporary art and politics